It’s time to take back your brand

Don’t let the trolls dictate your story.

Detect early

Identify the disinformation that others miss.

The earlier you see an attack coming, the better armed you’ll be in real time.

VineSight uses content-agnostic AI to identify suspicious share patterns whether it’s spread by tweets, posts, deepfakes, videos, or memes. This enables you to spot damaging narratives take shape before they spread too far and are seen by too many.

Analyze efficiently

Focus on what matters most.

Where did the attack come from? Is it fueled by automated accounts? On which platforms? How many accounts were reached? Who was exposed?

Beyond the number of shares and retweets, uncover vital context. Know the who, the where, and the when.

Image of VineSight dashboard

Combat effectively

Execute the right response.

Leverage contextual analysis to understand the customer segments that have been exposed to disinformation. Use VineSight’s customized solutions to quickly respond to toxic attacks and maintain control of your brand’s story.

Our difference is clear

Context Over Content

We read more than just the content.

By looking at the context and quality of the network, disinformation and toxic attacks can be detected early. By combining content and context, we can track the posts that text search, monitoring, and sentiment analysis tools miss.

The more context you have, the better you can respond.

Source Over Story

We follow more than just the story.

It’s not always what is being said that’s important, but who is saying it. Tracing sources uncovers the bots and accounts that continue to fuel the virality of misinformation before the story spreads. And some are often common culprits.

The more reliable the source, the more credible the story.

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