Protecting a Democracy from Inauthentic Influence Campaigns and Adversarial Threat Actors

Before a critical election, a strong democracy faced serious threats from inauthentic accounts seeking to exploit societal tensions, endangering national stability.


Identifying and dissecting complex influence campaigns

Vinesight was tasked with uncovering and analyzing complex influence campaigns. These efforts, in various languages and on multiple platforms, used both genuine and inauthentic (bot-like) accounts to bypass moderation and targeted lesser-watched "fringe" sites. The main aim was to undermine social stability and interfere with elections.


Enabling swift response to counter influence campaigns in elections

VineSight's advanced platform swiftly detected and analyzed toxic online attacks, uncovering activities by threat networks on various platforms. Its comprehensive approach revealed hidden campaigns targeting vulnerable groups. VineSight employed metrics dashboards to assess campaign impacts and government responses, enabling effective strategies with civil society and fact-checkers.


Halting escalation, fostering data-driven decisions by election monitors and enhancing public trust in elections

Vinesight's analytics helped detect and counter attacks efficiently, bolstering timely fact-checking. This, along with the government's balanced communication, strengthened public confidence in democratic integrity.

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